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İlk kullanımda mesafe farkı olmaksızın 20 tl olan ücret yerine kartımdan 97 tl para çekildi rezalet bir uygulama kesinlikle kullanmayın güven vermiyor ve kimseye ulaşamıyorsunuz


نصابين حراميه

Careem review

We have been in Dubai for about six weeks now , and, although we rented a car, we used this service many times during our stay. Although the drive was good and the drivers were competent, the costs were way above the usual taxi cost. An example, we went many times to the Dubai Mall. Three of the four times we went, the costs ranged between UAE 67-71. This last time, their driver went "another way" thinking we wouldnt know as we are tourists and the cost was UAE 86!! We paid this and we decided that the service is too costly. I want to point out that returning from the Mall only cost us UAE 53. This is FAR too much a difference between taxi companies. Careem does not support promos as they said they do. We received a gift of UAE 100 towards a Careem taxi ride. When we tried to collect, they wouldnt honour this. The There isnt any phone number that you can call to discuss this with at their establishment. They do not off you a "help" line. My advice to you is use a regular cab company. They are just as efficient and pleasant. H.K


Adding in app messaging .. To message the captains like messenger or whatsapp would be great and voice call also ? Let me choose the destination Im going to and calculate kms then add a range to tell what fare I may pay & how long would it take me to arrive there in a range too ?? add something so we can vote again to the captain sometimes I choose wrong vote by mistake ? Good Luck ??

Wont work

I cant use any locations (even the ones I have gone to before using this app) to check my drop off estimate. Fix it!

Best one ever

The best one ever

Please fix it as it.s not working on iPhone 6, 10.3.1 IOS

Please fix it as it.s not working on iPhone 6, 10.3.1 IOS

Great application and services

Great application. Easy to use and friendly especially in Arabic language.

كريم ممتاز

ممتاز جدا جدا

Badly optimised app

The service is good but the app is not.

to careem management ?

users should have to put dropoff points but stupidity at its best captains arent your servents app development is very poor


برنامج كريم افضل من اوبر وارخص والجودة افضل من ناحية السيارات والسائقين




برنامج ممتاز جداً

Excellent Application

Very user friendly and gets all the information you would need.



تطبيق ممتازلمشروع عظيم.

أنا حسبتهاوجدت ان استخدام كريم اوفربكثيرمن امتلاك سياره وأريح بس الأجرة لازم تزيدشويه علشان مصروف السياره كبيروخصوصا لوعليها اقساط.وربنا يوفق الجميع.

Bad choice

Their fare estimate and actual is doubled. Aware!!!

Best app for the service

I want to talk about the best idea in this app Its help me more than one Thanks for all

Excellent Service

One of the service taxi in Egypt ...

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