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برناااااااامج الله يبارك فالقائمين عليه اميييييين احسبه والله حسيبه من حيث السائقين بغض النظر عمن حصلت عليهم بعض الاشكاليات وايضاً احترام السائقين لركاب او الراكب وانا اتكلم بصفة شخصية

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ممتاز وأتمنى يضيفون خيارات اكثر مثل برنامج الولاء مثلاً علشان الواحد يصير يفضله اكثر من التطبيقات المنافسة غير كذا فيه حركه لاحظتها من كباتن كريم وباللي هي انه يقبل طلبك لكن يسحب عليك ما يجيك ! طيب من البدايه ليش قبلت الطلب أصلاً !!؟

Best Rides ever in Pakistan

Im ON VACATION in Pak and have been using CAREEM CAR SERVICE in LAHORE & Islamabad for a month. I found this car service at its BEST. I had also used UBER but, CAREEM IS BETTER & BEST !

Very bad

Uber is better an the drivers is so good


hangi gün ve saat kaç olursa olsun araç yok... arıyoruz araç yok haber gönderiyoruz araç yok. araç yoksa sizin bu piyasada 3 aylık ömrünüz olmaz ....

too easily scammed by drivers

used Careem in Egypt. It is much better than taxis and an alternative in places that doesnt have uber. However Egyptian drivers fail to use Careems maps everytime. Drivers constantly ask us where we are going and where to be picked up when the Careem map clearly says so. Not the fault of the Careem app itself but drivers will often press the "customer picked up button" and proceed to drive around aimlessly to rack up distance before actually picking us up, thus allowing them to charge more per ride. we would also often be failed to be picked up and yet the driver would be delivering a fake customer to a fake destination and charge us for it. The problem is compounded by the fact that customers are charged a cancellation fee if we ever need to cancel such drivers. The need to pay to say "no" to cheats and incompetents is failure in my books and Careem needs to go back to the drawing board on some things.

Great App ! .

So useful, I hope they add the ability to change ur mobile number and account name ! .. Keep The Good Work ?.

Code 100DH

Code Voucher 100$ careem : ISMAILB188


50$ Voucher for you guys enjoy : HAMZAB632

رصيد SAR10

2VBF61VLOX ???

Ponctualité et service!

Excellents en terme de qualité du service, véhicules neuves et confort irréprochable !

Go Carem. . Uber

احسن تطبيقين هما: 1- أوبر 2- كريم


They hire Disrespectful drivers


Çok sikko tokatçı bi uygulama çok kullanışsız ve yavaş


Bad service


50$ Voucher for you guys enjoy : HAMZAB632

Bon à savoir

Très bon service... vachement mieux que les taxis et avec beaucoup de sécurité

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