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Great app and taxi service

Careem service works great in the Middle east. They have more cares than competitors.




Est ce que le service est dispo au Maroc?


The careem tracking tool does not work, the drivers never find the pick location. When you open the app, the time indicated is always wrong, the estimated pick up time is always wrong, so you end up waiting for ever... Ive tried several times and there is always 10 min gap between the estimated and the actual pick up time Ill go for Uber...

Impossible de changer son numéro de téléphone

Si on change dabonnement, on ne peut pas changer son numéro donc inutilisable

Careem App

Service agréable et une équipe professionnelle ! Je suis vraiment satisfaite.

Très satisfaite

Très satisfaite de cette application et du service associé. Je la recommande !

Très professionel

A recommander, un service peofessionnel et satisfaisant.

first timer - and it worked asap

great app


Great app! Perfect Informationen, excellent payment options, reliable and fast! Nothing to improve


Full planning and quick response! Perfect!

الخدمة جيده الاب ضعيف

خدمة التوصيل مع كريم ممتازة ولكن للاسف الابلكيشن ضغيف ينقصه الكثير من التحسينات

Best so far

Better and better and better

Weak app

The needs alot of improvements but gotta say it has a great service for that am gonna rate it 3 stars improve the app and i will reconsider

Rubbish! Crashes every time!!!

I think these guys are trying to copy Uber.... But their execution is terrible, and the app is a joke. Not many, if any, cars available, and app always crashes. Dont use this..... It is a crap app!

Simply amazing!!!

Great people, great service, great cars, always on time!

خدمة رائعة في منتهى الأهمية

كريم وفر لي خدمة تمنيتها من زمان أسعار ممتازة وسيارات مريحة وتواجد سريع

أكثر من ممتازة

طلبت سيارة تقريبا في ٥ مشاوير حتى الآن ، سرعة ماشاء الله ، سياقة مريحة، تطبيق محترم لايعلق ولايطفش ، سواقين محترمين ، سيارات كلهم جديدة ونظيفة ومريحة ، سياقة هادئة ، خدمتني كثييير عمرها ماكانت المواصلات بهالسهولة بالنسبة لي الله يوفقهم وييسرلهم ويكثرهم يارب ماتنقطع هذي الخدمة ابد

Inflexible for bookings within two hours

Careem is great for "later bookings". But tonite I wanted a car in an hours time, had to choose the "now" option, smsed the driver to delay, and yet now he is waiting outside and I wont be ready for another half hour. This practice will force me to use Uber in the future. Seems like an odd business model.

Book later time selection errors

The app looks much Better now by starting with two options now or later but please fix time selector for book later as it keep changing and never stays at the selected time

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